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Audience Reviews

Rogue Festival has no jury to award prizes. We only give out “Sold Out” awards for those shows that get butts in seats. So YOUR REVIEWS are very important! After you see a show at the 2024 Rogue Festival, leave a short review here. It’s also a great way to add to the word-of-mouth on shows!

Scroll to the bottom or visit your show’s page to leave a review. Be sure to include the following:
*The name of the show and the venue
*The name of the performer
*What you liked about it
*Any constructive suggestions you might give
*What kind of person would love to see the show

Please keep in mind that we approve reviews before posting. We will not post any comments that include harassing, demeaning, or trolling language. We will also hold back comments that are irrelevant to the show as performed. Artists love your feedback, so long as it is given in good faith!

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94 thoughts on “Audience Reviews”

  1. Natasha Ruck in “You’re Good For Nothing . . . I’ll Milk the Cow Myself” at The Lotus Room

    If only I were smart enough to leave the review this show deserves! Thank you, Natasha, for sharing your truth about dynamic women and how they navigate their choices! You took me to France and boosted my belief in myself by giving me those crucial glimpses of your powerhouse mother. Maybe I’ll try something challenging when I think of how your mom faced her life head on. You honor her with this piece, and it was a privilege to witness.

  2. Steve Budd in “Seeing Stars” at Dianna’s Studio of Dance

    Steve powerfully shares his vulnerability as he wrestles with balancing the after effects of unmet needs with compassion for what deep trauma must have shut down his father long ago. We see a glimpse of who his father may have perhaps been if he had followed his dreams, the task Steve must complete without an example from his parents. If you’ve ever wondered who else your parent is or could be, come sit with Steve and explore those emotions.

  3. Tonight’s Rogue Show for me was The Sump Pumps @ Veni Vedi Veci. The nice sound grooves they shared were evident in the original songs. The rhythm and bass guitars connected nicely. And when they played a cover, it took a bit to recognize it, which to me, attests to Andrea’s creative spark. Alone or together, these four pumps of sump deserves applause, and thank you for being there! CYee

  4. “The Great Gorbolski” by Teatro Tin Tan is a wonderful piece of only-at-Rogue surreal insanity. This show starts weird and goes weirder, finally reaching Andy Kaufmanesque levels of absurdity. I came into a late night show of “The Great Gorbolski” tired and grumpy and left refreshed from an hour of continuously laughing my ass off. I’d say you have to experience it to understand it, but I’ve experienced it and I still don’t understand it.

  5. “Delusions and Grandeur” by Karen Hall is both laugh-out-loud funny and incredibly disquieting. Hall has a great flair for comedy, both as a writer and a performer, but she is brutally frank about the sacrifices and hardships of the artist’s life. If you’re any kind of artist, you’ll feel all your ambivalence to your work validated while wincing at your own life choices. And if you’re a non-artist who is at all inclined to romanticize the artistic life, you really need to see this show to fully understand that artists are human beings with bills to pay and careers to manage. Hall speaks the truth fearlessly and pulls no punches, engaging the audience directly and pointedly deglamorizing her own performance. But don’t be intimidated — this show is funny, sharp, full of wit, and thoroughly enjoyable.

  6. “You’re Good for Nothing … I’ll Milk the Cow Myself” by Natacha Ruck is charming, funny, and touching in unexpected ways. A gifted writer and performer, Ruck presents a vivid picture of her childhood in a working-class French town and the inherent struggle between her desire for independence and her love for her eccentric, no-nonsense mother. Ruck’s portrayal of her mother steals the show, somehow encapsulating all the weight of an intensely lived life in one flick of an imaginary cigarette. This show is hilarious, delightful, moving, and packs a huge emotional punch.

  7. Cookie’s Cult Classics
    Cookie Cutter

    If you like Svengoolie, you will adore Cookie!!! Cult movies with sarcastic and humorous commentary – BRING IT ON, PEOPLE!!!

  8. Latehomecomer
    Jasmine Vang

    This is an exquisite multi-generational show related to the Hmong experience of coming to America during a fractured time. Dang, ‘Merica, you should have done better. Sorry.

  9. Brother Love
    Noam Osband and Sister Alice

    I got saved! If you need a reason to sin freely for the next year, come get saved (for now)!!!

  10. Truth
    Martin Dockery

    If you have never seen a Martin Dockery show (and why not?), you will miss out on his words, humor, and personal connection with this show!!!

  11. I saw cookie cutters cult classics and it was so fun! I have never seen Night of the living Dead and I had a blast. It was fun and I loved the audience interactions! Go see it if you have a chance!

  12. Radical Domesticity is so charming and funny. All four ladies share sometimes-bittersweet, sometimes hilarious, always-interesting stories. Some of my personal favorite features included a list on how to be a good host, an essay on inheriting (or not) habits from a dearly departed mother, a poem about hating the impracticality of American lawns, and a story on learning to heal and forgive family members who have done us (very) dirty. This sweet show is well with your $5 and time (in fact, bring your mom on a date if you still have her around!). Hosted inside Kristin’s living room, the ladies hosting the show even provide tea and cookies for audience members!

  13. Sunday evening I went to Cookie’s Cult Classics with Cookie Cutter and saw Night of the Living Dead. I had best time with her hilarious commentary during the movie. This was my very first Rogue Festival experience and it was fantastic. Brava 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  14. Saw Booger Red at the Vista Theatre on Sunday night… loved it! Jim does a great job at creating a vibrant scene all by himself on stage. The show was funny and emotional– please go check it out if you’ve got the chance! 🙂

  15. Becoming a God for Fun and Profit with Ruby Jane Castle at Spectrum Art Gallery.

    This show is compelling from the start and hilarious. The character building is phenomenal, and five stars for the Fresno inside jokes.

  16. Seeing Stars, performed by Steve Budd, at Dianna’s

    Of the excellent performances I’ve seen so far at Rogue this year, this show is the BEST. Steve’s ability to bring each character to life is remarkable, and the tale is as moving as it is entertaining. Don’t miss this one!!

  17. You’re Good for Nothing … I’ll Milk the Cow Myself, performed by Natacha Ruck at The Lotus Room, was delightful, moving, funny, and absolutely engaging. Highly recommend!

  18. The Magic of Eric – Spectrum Art Gallery
    This magic show is a non-stop series of tricks, mainly mysterious changes of location of things including water, keys, and blocks, with audience participation, or with his assistant. It is the lowest-ticket-price show at $7, and shorter than other shows, yet it I saw competent illusions that I couldn’t figure out.

  19. Saw Tonight! A clown that just wants to be loved? today and it is a must see! The talented performer gets across so much humor and heart with so few words. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much. Just a delight!

  20. Venue: Lotus Room
    Show: The Great Gorbolski

    Very enjoyable show! I enjoyed the energy and cleverness with which he crafted this performance. It made me laugh throughout, and was a fun ride.

  21. Venue: Lotus Room
    Show: Delusions and Grandeur

    Easily one of the best Rogue shows I’ve ever seen. This uber talented cellist created a soulful performance piece with just the right amounts of humor, angst, profound questions of self worth and identity, interspersed with beautiful cello music. Highly recommended!!

  22. WOW!! That’s all I can say my friends!! Show #2 on my Rogue adventure was Marty’s Choice!! An absolutely AMAZING story of a toy store, passed down through three generations, and the doors that open after the store closes!! The story was written by Marc Gonzalez and brought to life by the brilliant acting of Billy Jack Anderson who played the part of Marty!! The story had me hooked from the start and by the end I was cheering for Marty’s Turn!! Thank you for a wonderful evening!! Rock On!!

  23. Chase the Entertainer The Show!!
    First time Rogue Fest attendee and this show was great! Chase was so funny and his magic was great!!
    10/10 show, highly recommend!!

  24. Venue: Lotus Room
    Show: Delusions and Grandeur

    Classical music interwoven among storytelling moments that peel away the layers, both literal and figurative, highlighting themes of mental and physical health, performing arts, the power of being seen, but more importantly, the impact of being heard.

  25. Seaman, show at 8pm!

    Went to the 5:00 showing and it was lots of fun! This a brand new show and so they are trying things out, but it was funny, a little raunchy, semi-interactive, and a good time. Check it out!

  26. Venue: Lotus Room
    Show: Sandwichland

    Surrealistic and fragmented approach to showcasing the reality of relationships backdropped by local landmarks. The familiar “sets” grounded this film and makes it particularly meaningful to folks from the area but the themes will speak to everyone. Come ready with your questions for the director, actors, and whole crew!

  27. I just saw Brother Loves Revival And I have to say it is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the irony of stereotypical Christian hypocrises. It’s been a while since I Laughed that hard! My holes have been filled Hallelujah!!

  28. You’re Good For Nothing… I’ll Milk the Cow Myself

    Natacha brings life, emotion and humor to an intimate telling of a very true story. Well written and flawlessly executed; I’ll Milk the Cow Myself, takes one through a multigenerational, intercontinental odyssey, filled with vivid characters and deeply emotive dialog. She also sings snippets of the soundtrack of her youth with “la voix d’un ange féminin”. From a nearly blank stage, Natacha conjures the ghosts of her past, in living effigy to delight, enlighten and entertain her audience. Her command of the space, is impressive as she propels the story forward, nearly always in motion and punctuating transitions with sometimes jarring physicality. Her tender treatment of the characters, is at once sentimental, respectful and honest. Although, W. Somerset Maugham may have urged the female artist to be satisfied simply to “charm”, Natacha, enthralls, engages and captures the hearts and emotions of anyone lucky enough to be brought into the circle of her family story. And she also manages to be utterly charming. Do see this performance!

  29. I attended the SOLD OUT Champagne Cabaret at the LAByrinth Art Collective Saturday night and it was a blast!
    The detailed costumes, the talented moves and gorgeous humans moved me to do something I’ve *never* done before… leave a review!
    You can still catch this bevy of beauties Sunday, March 3rd at 5pm! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    1. Thank you so much! I worked hard to bring a dazzling show with both Los Angeles and Fresno talent, and am so happy to hear people enjoyed it!

  30. Good afternoon my friends!! Today, I got to attend my very first Rogue Festival in Fresno, Ca!! What an AMAZING event!! For those who haven’t been, the Rogue Festival is a gathering of actors, musicians and artist from all over the US!! I came specifically to see a show called Breakneck Romeo & Juliet preformed by the incomparable Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre!! My first opportunity to see Timothy was at the beginning of the pandemic when I got to see him perform Breakneck Hamlet!! And today’s show was AMAZING!! If you get the opportunity, check out the Rogue Festival online for show times and ticket information or check out the link in blue above for more information about Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre!! You’ll be glad you did!! Rock On!!

  31. Robert Will Show You the Door (at Vista) is a must-see! Susan is an absolutely amazing performer! Captivating and hilarious. What a treat to have this at Rogue!

  32. Titillated
    Hart’s Haven

    Comedic Erotica pretty much sums up the hilarity better than any words I could type here!

  33. Breakneck Romeo

    Very funny Shakespeare done well. Don’t put this show off, People – It is only around this weekend.

  34. URHere
    2nd Space

    Two great short readings. They are fittingly subtitled “War, What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing!). Very thought provoking – If you would like to make a human connection to others, this is for you.

  35. Becoming a God for Fun and Profit is a darkly comedic, masterfully executed spoke word performance that sets its premise by begging two very important questions: first, who is driving the proverbial “car,” and once the audience reaches the obvious conclusion… “why not me?” Using humor as her glue, Ruby Jane Castle has woven together themes of pain, loss, power, and indulgence to create something wildly entertaining and one-of-a-kind. Her performance was a roller coaster and her delivery was the engine. There was truly not a dull moment. She makes references to local news and characters that will have you rolling your eyes at the absurdity of it all as you recognize the performance themes at work right here in Fresno. IS anyone driving our car? And why shouldn’t it be you? What a fun addition to the Rogue lineup this year.

  36. Titillating
    Donna K Yarborough is back with a spicy show! Donna amazes me with her wide range of shows- this is totally different from all of her previous! She had us giggling, laughing, and shaking our heads from the first story. Such a fun show!

  37. Here are some shows I’ve seen in the first two days and would recommend with a rating of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest:
    “How to Be Wicked” Jaguar Bennett
    Rating 5 Always scathing, always funny, Jaguar’s seminar tackles the subject of goodness and morality, skews hypocrisy, and offers up twisted conclusions.

    “seaMAN” 2 Sleepy Ratguys
    Rating 4 Absolutely silly tale of the sea with hilarious props and audience interaction.

    “Seeing Stars” Steve Budd
    Rating 5 Very well written and well acted story of a man returning to live with his aging parents after having several worldly experiences. He finds himself occupationally adrift amidst the lunacy of his family. Especially enchanting is the voice of his mother.
    Great show!

    “Robert Will Show You the Door” Susan Jeremy
    Rating 4 A performer with a high level of energy and comedic skills tells stories of her employment history.

    “Martin Dockery: Truth”
    Rating 5+ Hilarious take on emerging socially in post pandemic Long Island. Wrought with awkward predicaments. Fast paced brand new piece being premiered at the Fresno Rogue. You would think he had performed it a thousand times before. Fresno is so fortunate to have Martin Dockery returning year after year. See it!

  38. Brother Love’s Good Time Gospel Hour returns in a brand new blasphemously hilarious revival, including some audience participation. Be prepared to tambourine-shake your way to salvation as Brother Love and Sister Alice sing about letting the Lord fill your (spiritual) holes – tambourines provided.

  39. Sandwichland is a dreamy nightmarish saunter through dating and depression featuring some characters I’ll never forget. It’s a little bit like if David Lynch came to Fresno and found inspiration in the Tower District.

  40. The Latehomecomer was a beautifully written and performed adaptation of a novel about the experience of a Hmong girl and her family as refugees in the US. Put it on your must see list.

  41. Music to Get Your Rogue On
    Tony is an amazing musician. I will tell you, I have seen every Rogue show he has ever done… this is my favorite.

  42. Confessions of a Women’s Prison Guard
    There is so much local talent on the stage in this show! I went, expecting to see a really good show… what I got was a GREAT show. This show shares a guard’s personal insight into the issues that incarcerated women face. Do not miss this show!

  43. Venue: Lotus Room
    Show: The Great Gorlboski

    The Great Gorlboski takes the audience on a journey to Salamiland through music, dancing, and stories highlighting the characters that comprise his family tree. No passport needed for this immersive trip!

  44. Venue: Lotus Room
    Show: Emil Amok, Lost NPR Host

    Poignant memoir about navigating life, career, and love as a second generation Filipino American. Thoughtful commentary with comedic moments.

  45. Tony Imperatrice – “Music to Get Your Rogue On”
    I loved this show! It’s a solo keyboard music performance without any dialogue other than Tony’s short introductions to his songs, but Tony’s music totally swept me away. His music is a cross betwixt Classical and Ambient (with a touch of Prog Rock), performed with a lot of digitally ‘looped’ passages that allow him to build a very big (but not loud) organ/synth sound that is soothing, but never boring, and always full of emotion. One piece in particular was so moving in it’s beauty and poignancy that many audience members were wiping away tears (including me). If you love George Winston, Rick Wakeman, Music From the Hearts of Space, or Windham Hill, you will enjoy this performance, and it was exactly the breath of fresh air that I needed today. Also, the intimate space at Hart’s Haven bookstore was perfect for this music. Highly recommended for lovers of epic-yet-intimate music!

  46. Breakneck Romeo and Juliet
    (venue: Dianna’s School of Dance)

    One of the best shows I’ve seen at any Rogue Festival. Our 11-year-old liked it as much as we did. Thoroughly enjoyable. The last performances are on Sunday, March 3. Don’t be put off if you’re not a Shakespeare fan, Tim breaks it all down for you with humor. He nicely mixes the beauty of the text with a modern twist, all in under an hour. Take your teenagers, they’ll have a head start when they learn the play in school. “Juliet was freaking out!”

    1. Breakneck Romeo & Juliet is a must see! His last 2 performances will be on Sunday March 3rd at Dianna’s located at 826 N Fulton St, Fresno
      Show times are 12:30 & 6:30pm.
      I’ve been going to the Rogue Festival for several years and this is the first time I have made a post for any of the shows that I’ve seen.
      Everyone that attended had nothing but praise for Timothy’s outstanding perform. Hands down one of the best shows I’ve seen.

  47. Confessions of a Women’s Prison Guard is an amazing piece of theatre. It reminds is all that at the end of the day, prisons are filled with people, with all that entails. There’s humor. There’s anger. And, of course, there’s tragedy.

    It’s well worth checking out.

  48. Confessions of a women’s prison guard was such an eye opening experience of the forgotten part of the prison system of the people who go work there. A daily struggle of being the law while also being human.

  49. I loved this play!!! The cast was great. I don’t think I’d cross Lydia even though she’s seem so patient and nice. Lydia, Tony, Suzanne, Arium, and Karen were GREAT in their parts. Paula did wonderful pulling together what a Day in the Life of a Prison Guard is like. A MUST SEE!

  50. Confessions

    Very good show. Heartfelt and enlightening. If you are not an unfeeling robot, you must see this performance.

  51. Breakneck Romeo and Juliet
    Tim is back…that’s the good news. Don’t worry–there is no bad news! Once again, Tim finds away to portray a cast of 10 all by himself. Are you a Shakespeare connoisseur? You’ll love this show. Tim nails character and their relationships, conveys all the entendres (single, double and more). Are you a Shakespeare newbie? You’ll love this show. Tim simultaneously performs the story AND explains all the “behind the scenes” shenanigans. Or…are you the person who avoids Shakespeare because it’s too long? You’ll love this show, because in less than 60 minutes you get the whole enchilada! (I love enchiladas…)
    Don’t miss this show! Make sure to get there early!

    We went to see the opening show (Friday, 5:30), and I’m so happy we did. Steve weaves acting, teaching, Dolph Lundgren, constellations, and his parents into a poignant, and often funny, into a fantastic Rogue show. I highly recommend seeing this show!

  53. The Jester of All Maladies

    So happy to finally get to see Kurt’s triumph over That C Word. People, please do not miss out on your chance to catch this show. Kurt brings his usual humor to a very heartwarming subject. Spoiler alert: He lives to tell the tale.

  54. Brian’s Beard Improv

    Laughed so hard at this show. You would like this if you too like to laugh at spontaneous comedy!!! Go, People, go!



    From the opening soundscape to the camerawork acting, editing, and pacing, what I saw was David Lynch/Twin Peaks does the Tower. Surrealism has come home.

    I loved this film. I can’t wait to get my DVD so i can watch it over and over.

    Alchemist, Vista, SpokeEasy, Me & Ed’d, and other familiar Tower Neighbors ground this film within a context that is, at the same time familiar to those of us who live here, but accessible to anyone, anywhere.

    The performaances are excellent.


  56. “You’re Good for Nothing… I’ll Milk the Cow Myself” – Natacha Ruck at The Lotus Room

    Heartwarming and funny, wonderfully performed! Highly recommended!

  57. If you are interested in starting your own “Club,” this is the place to learn how. Often humorous, parties thoughtful; enjoyed this show!

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